Can You Survive an Entire Week in the Antarctica Alone?

How would you fare on the coldest continent on Earth?

When you think of Antarctica, you probably imagine seeing a vast barren land covered in ice with snow falling continuously. But the continent is way more than that. Anyone that pays a visit to the safer side of Antarctica has many unique activities and attractions in store for them.

You can get up close and personal with the animals native to the land – penguins! Walking among the massive colonies or playing with penguin chicks is arguably the most popular activity in this icy desert. Where else in the world can you be at arm's length to these cute and cuddly creatures?

But there is also a dangerous side to Antarctica. As the last wilderness on Earth, it isn't a surprise that there are no native people living there. The extreme weather conditions on the coldest continent can cause health conditions that makes it hard to live here long term.

Find out if you're able to survive a whole week all by yourself should you ever get lost in the South Pole. This quiz will test you on the knowledge and survival skills you will need to make it out alive.

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Can You Survive an Entire Week in the Antarctica Alone? Quiz Questions

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