🚀 How Long Would You Last in Outer Space?

Would you even make it beyond a few hours?

The likelihood of you ever ending up in outer space and having to fend for your survival someday is relatively remote. This is not to say it couldn't happen at some point. Who knows what world-altering scenarios might take place during the course of your lifetime? It's entirely possible that you can end up leading a full and happy life in the alien world if you know how to fend for yourself.

For some of you reading this, life in space might be the adventure you've always dreamed of. For others, it would be the nightmare you always feared.

Only the most intelligent, crafty, wise and resilient would survive if they were to be lost in some part of the universe, far away from the familiarity of Earth. Do you feel you have those qualities? If so, take this quiz, and we will let you know how long you would last in outer space.

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