Design an Apocalypse and We’ll Tell You How Long You Would Survive It

Zombies or no zombies?

Only the fortunate and very unfortunate will get to witness the end of the world. It's likely to be quite the bittersweet experience for those around at the time. On the one hand, you get to witness arguably the biggest event ever to occur in human history but on the negative side, it's literally the last thing you will get to experience ever.

We don't yet know what it is that will do us in, although some pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. Perhaps the world-ending event will be due to a zombie outbreak, or it could be due to changes in the Earth's natural systems. Heck, it's even possible that aliens could come from outer space and change up everything we know about our lives and society.

Design your very own apocalypse and then decide how you would choose to live in it. We will let you know if you would survive the event you created.

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