🐶 Spend a Day as a Dog to Find Out What Breed You Are

Who's a good boy?

Being a dog doesn't seem like it would be that bad of a deal. Sure, you may not get to live as long and you end up eating and digesting some very questionable things throughout your lifespan, but the overall lifestyle of a pooch is considered appealing to many.

Here's your chance to pretend to live like a pup, and find out the breed your personality is most similar to. Perhaps you are a loyal and strong protector, or maybe you are an upscale show dog who likes to prance around and strut off their stuff. Still, other people are more suited to be hunting dogs or dogs that just want to sleep in their owners' lap.

There are numerous types of dog personalities out there and we will let you know which one you are most like. Answer these questions about how you would spend the day if you were a dog and we'll tell you the exact type of canine you are.

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🐶 Spend a Day as a Dog to Find Out What Breed You Are Quiz Questions

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