🐕 How Much of a Dog Person Are You?

Do you love dogs or do you LOVE dogs?

Dogs are awesome. All doggo lovers recognize and appreciate this fact. People that lean more towards having dogs than other animals as pets tend to be referred to as "dog people". Even within this group, there are sub-genres and also varying degrees of being a dog person.

On some level you probably already know if you are a dog person or not. But just how strong is your affection for your furry friends? Some people are more enthusiastic about pooches than others and likely want this fact appreciated. Still, we can't deny that many people love dogs even if they don't spend as much time with them as others. Different people have different situations in their lives which can impact how much of a dog person they can truly be.

To find out what level of a dog person you are, take this quiz, answer the questions within, and we will let you know exactly where you rank in terms of your dog obsession.

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