Can You Get an ‘A’ In This Middle School U.S. History Test?

Middle school was easy peasy, right?

History tests were hard enough when you were in middle school but they are actually going to be more difficult for you now. Back in school, the topics discussed in class are at the forefront of your mind. Now that you are seemingly no longer a middle school student, how much of that knowledge have you actually retained?

Between all the new subjects you learned and the social pressures that accompany the typical middle school student, hopefully you were able to actually pay sufficient attention in class. What you learn in those history classes will stick with you for the rest of your life. These are the most basic but important moments in history.

It's time to put your U.S. history knowledge to the test. These are all common facts and tidbits that students learn back in middle school. How will you do? Only the top history students can manage to get an A, see if you can too.

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Can You Get 'A' In This Middle School U.S. History Test? Quiz Questions

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