Only a True American Can Get 11/15 on This First Ladies Quiz

Can you identify the First Ladies of the United States?

From Martha Washington to Melania Trump, there have been 47 women who have served as First Lady of the United States. Though their husbands may have stolen the spotlight, these first ladies had a great impact on American history and culture.

Over the years, these powerful, colorful and influential women have adopted charitable causes, inspired the nation, helped their husbands win elections and taken care of business in their spouses' absence. They have been hostesses, helpers, advisers, gatekeepers, guardians, confidantes, and sometimes formidable powers behind the scene, in a completely unique job that is unofficial, unpaid but unequivocally important.

This quiz is a tribute to the first ladies of the United States of America. It will test your knowledge about the women who helped shape America. Are you able to identify the first ladies in this quiz? Name as many as you can and qualify yourself as a true American.

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