Which Game of Thrones Kingdom Do You Belong In?

Which kingdom should you move to?

In Game Of Thrones, the Seven Kingdoms in Westeros are all unique in their own way. While they have their similarities as well, there is one Kingdom in Westeros which is most suited for you. In fact, George R. R. Martin may have had someone like you in mind when he was creating that Kingdom.

We can tell which Kingdom in Westeros you are most suited for based on your answers to this quiz. Granted, the living conditions in each of the Seven Kingdoms vary over time. Throughout the history of Westeros, many Kingdoms have gone from inhabitable to glorious and vice versa. Even if the Kingdom you live in now is thriving, you never know when a lady riding a dragon might come around and burn a major city to the ground. Westeros tends to be a somewhat unstable place politically, you see.

Answer these questions and we will tell you which of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones you truly belong in.

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Which Game of Thrones Kingdom Do You Belong In? Quiz Questions

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