Plan for an Apocalypse and We’ll Tell You How Long You Would Survive

How prepared are you for the inevitable?

During our lifetime, we might get to experience the apocalypse. While the actual event itself might not be very enjoyable for us, imagine how cool it will be to have the opportunity to tell people we were alive during such a historic event. While itโ€™s not clear how we will be able to let future generations know about our experience since all sentient life in the universe might be wiped out, but still!

Be it from nuclear war, less radioactive war, disease, zombies, aliens or monsters, our planet is vulnerable. Sometimes we tend to think that the world as we know it will never change drastically again since the meteor that took out the dinosaurs, but it is definitely possible. The only remaining question is whether youโ€™ll be ready for it when the time comes.

Take this quiz on how you will prepare for the apocalypse and respond in apocalypse-related scenarios. We will assess your survival skills and knowledge, and tell you how long youโ€™d last once things start to get really hairy out there.

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