Not Even the Demogorgon Can Pass This “Stranger Things” Quiz. Can You?

How much do you know about "Stranger Things"?

If you're one of the few people that hasn't had their life turned upside down by the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things, it is still not too late to start watching it. Theย brilliant show about a group of kids coming of age at the same time as they are dealing with monsters from a parallel universe is one of the most widely revered TV shows in recent memory.

Perhaps it is the compelling '80s sci-fi/horror theme or the endearing cast members that hit a home run. Regardless of the reason, Stranger Things has arguably become one of the biggest hits the streaming service has ever had.

There are fans who know absolutely everything which has happened in the first two seasons of the show.ย If you're looking for a refresher, this quiz is the perfect primer before catching season 3. Test your knowledge of Stranger Things by taking this quiz and see how much of the plot you can remember.

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Not Even Demogorgon Can Pass This Stranger Things Quiz. Can You? Questions

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