Not Even Eleven Can Pass This “Stranger Things” Season 3 Quiz — Can You?

Will the Mind Flayer get you?

The much-anticipated third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix July 4, 2019. Stranger Things aficionados had the entire series binge-watched in roughly 8 hours following its release. The adventures of this rag tag group of children coming of age in a paranormal nightmare of a town in Indiana has captured the attention of pop culture at large. The popularity of Stranger Things is on par with the most noteworthy TV shows made in recent years.

So you've read all the fan theories regarding the season, and you've uncovered the hidden easter eggs. It's time to test your knowledge of Stranger Things season three with this quiz.

If you can pass this quiz or even get a perfect score, there can be no doubting you are a Stranger Things expert. Put your knowledge of the third season to the test by taking this quiz. Be warned: Even Eleven has trouble passing this one! Can you?

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Not Even Eleven Can Pass This Stranger Things Season 3 Quiz — Can You? Questions

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