Only “Stranger Things” Experts Can Match These Quotes to the Correct Characters

"Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."

You probably think of yourself as a Stranger Things expert. Well, guess what? So do a lot of other people. The Netflix series located in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana has captured the hearts and imaginations of an entire generation and culture. The coming-of-age story of these characters from the 1980s has proven to be relatable to a large subset of the population. And in among the grotesque monsters, eighties nostalgia, and telekinetic powers, there are also some pretty incredible one-liners and quips peppered in throughout the episodes.

Do you remember which Stranger Things characters said these lines? Some of these quotes will make you laugh, some will make you cry all the ugly tears, and some will make you want to print them on a T-shirt. Only the most hardcore and knowledgeable Stranger Things fans are able to match these quotes with the person who said them. So grab a coffee, sit back, and reminisce over the scary good show with this Stranger Things quotes quiz!

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