🌳 Are You a Tree Hugger or Planet Polluter?

How do you fare on our scale of green?

🌳 Are You a Tree Hugger or Planet Polluter?
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Human beings often have a negative impact on the environment around them. Fortunately, some people have made a conscious effort to reduce the impact they have on the planet. It’s not always as easy as wanting to be environmentally-friendly, however. Knowing what actions are and are not destructive to the planet can be a very challenging task.

Based on the answers you give to the questions contained within this quiz, we’ll be able to tell you whether your actions have a net benefit or a net deficit to the planet. We will be able to determine if you are a tree hugger or a planet polluter, in other words.

Only the most eco-conscious people are going to be able to score highly on this quiz. If you want to see how you measure up against others in terms of the impact you have on the planet then this quiz is the perfect test. Find out for sure if you are an environmentally-friendly human or the opposite.

🌳 Are You a Tree Hugger or Planet Polluter? Quiz Questions