Don’t Freak Out, But We Can Guess Your Location Based on What You Eat

If we guess correctly, please remain calm!

Food plays a very important role in our lives. After sleeping and working, eating and various food-related activities take up most of the majority of people's time throughout the world. What we choose to eat is determined by our personal preferences as well as availability and budget.

Have you ever been shocked when traveling to a new city to find that you don't like the local grub nearly as much as you like the version you get back home? Most of our food loves and hates are learned. Over time, the way we perceive certain flavors is programmed according to how we usually consume them. Thus, what we decide to eat for our next meal can in fact reveal a lot about where we come from.

Choose from some common snacks, dishes, and desserts in this quiz. We will then analyze your taste preferences and try our best to guess which U.S. state you come from. Let us know if we get it right in the comments!

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Don't Freak Out, But I Can Guess Location by What You E… Quiz Questions

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