Can You Ace This Movie Math Quiz?

What level of movie nerd are you?

To stand out in this over-saturated film market, movie makers use eye-catching titles to pique viewer interest. Sometimes numbers are added to a movie title to attract attention, like Se7en, 10 Things I Hate About You and Ocean's Eleven. Needless to say, sequels are usually indicated with a number in sequence. But did you know that the use of numbers in titles wasn't always this prevalent?

Before the mid-1970s, film sequels had titles following a similar theme rather than running numbers. This could be seen in the Frankenstein series, the Planet of the Apes franchise, and of course the Night of the Living Dead film series. The Godfather Part II introduced the usage of Roman numerals, and Rocky and Star Wars soon followed. Eventually, many movie sequels adopted the usage of digits for easier reference.

Test your memory of movie titles and see if you can work out the math! Basically, take the missing numbers from the movie titles and add, subtract, multiply or divide them to get the answers.

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