Can You Beat Your BFF in This General Knowledge Quiz?

Well, can you?

In the spirit of friendly competition, your friends and you may have had bets and battles among yourselves to find out who is better in certain areas. Do you think you can beat your bestie in a general knowledge quiz?

To be able to do well in this particular quiz, you will need to be well-versed in a diverse variety of information. Do you know the capital of Peru? You probably have played the video game Mario Kart but can you name the company behind it? Did you know that ALS disease is also named after one famed baseball player? If you think you're knowledgeable in the music industry, then do you know which is the best selling album of all time?

Let's see if you can outwit your friends in this general knowledge quiz! Give this a go, and once you're done, share your results with your BFF and challenge him or her to better your score!

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Can You Beat Your BFF in This General Knowledge Quiz? Questions

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