Do You Have Expensive Taste?

Do you enjoy the finer things in life?

If you have expensive taste, you are one of those individuals that appreciate the finer things in life. You may have a penchant for items that are produced by high-end companies. You don't mind paying more, perhaps even a whole lot more, for things of quality that make your life better or easier in some way.

Some people are brought up to appreciate luxury items while some others are born with nothing and strive to own expensive things. Just because you aren't born into riches doesn't mean you can't be attracted to expensive dinners, designer clothes, and branded products. It helps to be financially savvy, and it is important to first take care of needs and loans before looking at making an extravagant purchase.

In this quiz, pick out an item you like the most (or dislike the least) in each category. Based on the price of the items you choose, we will tell you if you have expensive taste or not!

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