Can You Beat Your Friends in This General Knowledge Test?

The loser buys dinner, so play to win.

General knowledge can be a vast collection of weird facts, unusual information, bits and pieces of miscellany that are often very unimportant, inconsequential or nonessential, and yet that's kind of fun to read, and might be useful in esoteric conversations, but some argue is not worth much at all.

On Quizly we often quiz players on their knowledge of trivia. Some of us are great at trivia, and others not so much. Whereabouts do you stand on the trivia scale amongst your peers? The following questions will test your knowledge to the limit, so be sure to take this fun test now to find out exactly how knowledgeable you are!

Once you're done, send the quiz over to your friends, and then see who gets bragging rights for getting the highest score! The losers buy dinner (I mean, they don't have to, but it's more dramatic if there's something to play for). Got it? Good luck!

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Can You Beat Your Friends in This General Knowledge Test? Quiz Questions

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