Don’t Call Yourself a Film Buff If You Can’t Identify 12/15 of These Iconic Movie Scenes

Can you guess the film from a single incredible still?

Even if you're a casual moviegoer, there are some film scenes that you could never forget. Such moments remain so vivid in the mind even after an extended period of time.

Despite the movie being released over 30 years ago, we all remember the alien known as E.T. making his human friends' bikes fly high over the moon! In the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver, Robert De Niro cemented his place in cinema history with his line, "you talkin' to me?", while standing in front of the mirror. Remember Rafiki holding up baby Simba for the whole kingdom to see as "Circle of Life" played in the background during the introduction for The Lion King? And even if you tried, we're pretty sure you can't forget the sight of Carrie being completely covered in blood in the film adaptation of Stephen King's first published 1974 novel, Carrie.

In this quiz, prove your status as a true film buff by identifying the following iconic scenes. You can only call yourself one by getting at least 12 right!

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