Only a True Film and TV Expert Can Guess These Shows from Just a 🚘 License Plate

TBH, I'm not sure if I can pass this...

Calling all car enthusiasts and movie buffs. If you pay attention to the rides in your favorite shows, chances are you may have noticed that many of them carry interesting and quirky number plates. The vanity license plate has a long and rich history in movies and television. Show writers love to explore different ways in fleshing out the characters in a show, and that includes the smallest details such as their car license plates. Through a creative use of seven letters and numbers, the plate can be used as a form of cryptic message or visual accent for character development.

We have found a series of 33 vanity license plates from various movies and television shows over the years. Not all of them are car-related shows, but all feature cars with distinctive license plates. See if you can match each one to the show it came from! Be warned though, this is one tough quiz that will test even the biggest movie buff!

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Only True Film & TV Expert Can Guess Shows from License… Quiz Questions

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