Can You Name These 1990s Songs from Their First Lines?

Calling all '90s kids.

The '90s was a decade of development in various sectors, with music being a major player. Various genres of music and artists shared the spotlight and music lovers everywhere still can't let go of the iconic tunes the decade spawned. Many of these songs have catchy lyrics we can never forget.

When you hear "The Boy Is Mine", the chorus probably empowered you to fight for the admiration of your high school crush. Did you hit your competition with "you need to give it up"? Another lyric you can't forget should be "I Will Always Love You", that instantly pairs with Whitney Houston's iconic note in your head.

This one is for all the '90s kidsย and self-professed '90s lovers out there! We'll present you with a bunch of lyrics that kick off popular songs from the 1990s. You just have to guess what the correct song title is. Are you up for it?

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Can You Name These 1990s Songs from Their First Lines? Quiz Questions

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