Can You Name These European Countries from Their Outlines?

Are you a master of this continent?

Europe is home to some of the biggest and most famous cities in the world, places where politics and the arts blossom, wane and grow again. For centuries, the continent of Europe has been a seat of power in world affairs. Covering millions of square miles and with trillions of dollars in economic might, its nations guide the fates of countless people around the world.

So how much do you really know about Europe and its geography? Are you well-versed with the countries that make up the various parts of the continent? Can you pick out countries like Italy and Spain from a map? How about trickier ones like Lithuania and Turkey?

We'll soon find out if you're a geography-savvy Europe expert or someone who doesn't even own a passport. Take our geography quiz now and see if you can identify these European countries from their outlines. Have fun quizzing!

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Can You Name European Countries from Their Outlines? Quiz Questions

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