Can You Match These European Cities to Their Countries?

Do you know more than just Paris, London and Rome?

When you think of Europe, popular places like Paris, Rome, and London are the first ones to come to mind. These tourist hotspots are listed in guidebooks as some of the must-visit cities of their countries. But Europe offers a lot more than what you may know about!

For people who are interested in arts and culture, Lyon in France is a great city to visit due to its wide array of museums that you can explore. If you're into pubs and live music, Cork in Ireland is the place to be. It's easy to navigate because of the laid-back vibe and welcoming locals of the city. If you just want to surround yourself with beautiful sights, head to Budapest in Hungary. The city's distinctive architecture and romantic setting is perfect for couples.

Do you know which European countries the following cities are located in? Test your knowledge of European geography in this fun quiz!

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Can You Match These European Cities to Their Countries? Quiz Questions

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