If You Can Name 16/20 of These Cities by One Photo, I’ll Be Really Impressed

Do you know the names of these cities?

With much of the world staying indoors, working from home, or self-isolating thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, travel has ground to a halt for the time being. But we can still expand our horizons and discover new places from around the world. Thanks to our phones, tablets, and computer screens, there is no need to leave your home to see these incredible cityscapes.

This quiz features 20 beautiful places that circle the globe, covering the cities that made us fall in love at first sight with their futuristic skylines, tree-lined canals, and colorful historic buildings (among many other things). The Statue of Liberty is instantly recognizable, while the Eiffel Tower is impossible to miss. Can you name the city where you would find the Christ the Redeemer statue or the tallest building in the world? See if you can figure out the names of these cities from around the world based on their famous skylines and iconic landmarks.

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Can You Name 16/20 Of These Cities By One Photo? Quiz Questions

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