Can You Name the TV Show Based on the Names of Three Random Characters?

If you know them all, you're basically a TV nerd.

For many of us, watching television shows have become a big part of our lives. We get invested in these programmes, the mystery, drama, and fictional lifestyles of the characters. Our favorite characters can influence our wardrobe choices, makeup styles and even use of vocabulary. Some parents become so infatuated with certain characters that they choose to name their own kids based on their names!

That's right, many baby names today have been inspired by popular and unique television personalities and roles. In the comedy The Good Place, Tahani is a deceased, wealthy philanthropist. The character has found new life in a lot of babies with the same name. Another name inspired by a TV character is Ziggy, the child character in Big Little Lies.

In this quiz, we'll give you the names of three different characters from the same show. All you have to do is pick the correct TV show out of 4 options, easy!

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Can You Name TV Show by Names of 3 Random Characters? Quiz Questions

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