Can You Pass a 3rd Grade English Test?

Is it really as easy as it seems?

Many educators believe that third grade is where the "work" truly begins. In kindergarten, young kids are first introduced to the basics of language, letter sounds, simple words and such. In first grade as well as second grade, the kids get to learn more reading and writing skills. So many people think that the real world education actually starts in the third grade.

Is third grade English as easy as it seems? As an adult now, how much do you actually remember from elementary school English? Have you got your basics of the English language right all this while? Only one way to find out.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, parts of speech, and see how you match up to a third grader. Most of the questions are simple enough at first glance, but each one may appear to have seemingly more than one correct answer. Rest assured that there is only one truly correct answer to each question, and it's your job to pick that out.

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Can You Pass a 3rd Grade English Test? Quiz Questions

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