Can You Pass an 8th Grade Spelling Test from 1912?

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You may be good at spelling now, but are you able to ace a spelling test from over a century ago?

We might think that education was much easier in the past than it is today. Well, wait till you see the exam paper that 8th graders sat for in Bullitt County in the year 1912. The exam was taken by 13 to 14 year olds in Kentucky over a hundred years ago, but have stumped many adults today.

The paper consisted of various topics including arithmetic, geography, civil government, physiology, grammar, and history. The difficulty level intrigued many adults so much that many attempted the test themselves. A lot of them commented on how poorly they performed, but blamed it on the difference in time periods. Well, they may be right.

Here's a spelling test with actual words used in the spelling segment of the actual paper. Can you do better than the 8th graders back then? Only one way to find out!

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