Can You Match These Definitions to the Words That Every 12-Year-Old Already Knows?

You see these words all the time.

Expanding your vocabulary is easy, as there are many ways to learn a language. One of the best ways is through reading, of course. The next best thing to do may be online quizzes like this.

Having a wide repertoire of English words to tap into does not only come in handy in creative writing, but it also helps you sound smarter and wiser in conversation. That doesn't mean that memorizing a plethora of fancy words will instantly help you impress your friends and family. You should know what a word actually means before putting it to use so that you won't commit a faux pas.

Wanna know if you have a sufficient range of English vocabulary? Quizly has got you covered. Let's go back to basics and see if you are well-versed with the meaning of some common words. Think you can ace this quiz? Without any further ado, get ready to challenge yourself and put your English knowledge to the test.

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Can You Match Definitions to Words That Every 12-Year-O… Quiz Questions

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