This Vocabulary Quiz May Seem Simple, But How Well Can You Score?

It's not as easy as you'd think.

The words in this vocabulary quiz are those that you probably should know or be familiar with by now. If you don't know any of these words, it may mean that you have been using them completely wrong your entire life, leading to numerous miscommunications or maybe just making yourself not look entirely too smart. Using words incorrectly is one of the most common ways of making yourself seem duller than you really are.

If you want to test out your vocabulary skills then take this quiz and try and identify the correct definition for each word.ย This English word quiz is really not that difficult so do your best to achieve a perfect score or somewhere close to it. If you don't score perfect then you know there is at least one word out there that you probably should know but donโ€™t, and you will be familiar with them by the end of the quiz.

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This Vocabulary Quiz May Seem Simple, But How Well Can You Score? Questions

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