Can You Beat Your BFF in This English Word Quiz?

It's time to see who's the best, once and for all.

If you think you're a wiz at the English language, you have to prove it and we know how. To claim that title among your closest friends, it's time to have a friendly competition and compare scores on an English quiz, just like this one!

Do you know the synonyms of words like "revenge" and "gradual"? Along with identifying the correct definition of various words, you should also know how to spell the synonym in question. Are you up to speed with popular phrases and their correct usage? Is it "case in point" or "case and point"? You should not confuse your conjunctions if you want to beat your BFF!

If you think you can answer these type of questions with ease and are ready for more, go on and take this test. No cheating! If you think your final score will be better than your friends', share your result with them and get them to take this quiz too.

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Can You Beat Your BFF in This English Word Quiz? Questions

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