Are You Brighter Than 75% Of Americans? Take This Antonym Quiz to Find Out

How much range is there to your vocabulary?

Have you ever wondered what an average person's vocabulary size is, and how yours compare to the average?

Most of us take language for granted, and we are not even aware of how many words we've already accumulated through the course of our lives. As native English speakers, we probably don't even realize the number of words we use on a daily basis while communicating either through speaking or writing.

According to lexicographer and dictionary expert Susie Dent, "The average active vocabulary of an adult English speaker is around 20,000 words, while his passive vocabulary is around 40,000 words."

So there you go! How do you fare against other English speakers in terms of vocabulary? Test your range by figuring out the antonyms of the tough words in this quiz. Keep in mind that antonyms are the opposite of synonyms, which means you should be picking out the words that are opposite in meaning to the one stated in the question.

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Are You Brighter Than 75% Of Americans? Take This Antonym Quiz to Know Questions

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