Can You Pass an Elementary School Science Exam?

Elementary school Science should be easy peasy, right?

It is important to remember everything you've learned from school. Of course, it is almost impossible to have that good of a memory, but understanding the majority of what you studied as a student will have different applications as an adult, usually when you least expect it.

Such an instance is now, as you take on this quiz! We're not expecting you to recall everything from your schooling days. You just need to know certain things you learned in elementary school Science. If you are successful in recalling most things you learned, you can pass this elementary school Science exam with ease!

Are your memories about elementary school a little hazy? Let us help you ease into this quiz with a couple of hints on what will be tested. You can expect certain questions on magnetism and forces that make things move. Astronomy will be tested on as well, as there will be questions about the Sun, the Moon, and other celestial objects. Ready now? Let's get started!

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Can You Pass an Elementary School Science Exam? Quiz Questions

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