Can You Pass a Middle School Science Exam?

Put your science smarts to the test.

Can You Pass a Middle School Science Exam? Quiz

Back when you were in middle school, what was your favorite class? If you said Science, you probably belong to the minority. Not many people fall in love with the subject at that young age, which is why many found it difficult. Based on your love for Science and how much you remember from middle school, this quiz may pose a tough challenge for you. Can you get through it?

If your memory of middle school Science is a little hazy, there's no need to worry! Here are some hints on what you can expect in this quiz. You will have to put your knowledge of Chemistry to good use, as you will be tested on the periodic table, atoms, molecules, as well as some of the most commonly found elements on Earth. We will also quiz you on how well you know the human body, especially what happens to the food you eat. Don't forget to brush up on your knowledge of the environment and the processes that make it what it is.

With such help, this quiz is probably easy peasy. Go on and ace it!


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Can You Pass a Middle School Science Exam? Quiz Questions