Can You Pass This “To” Vs. “Too” Vs. “Two” Test?

Are you mixing up your tos, toos and twos?

Can You Pass This “To” Vs. “Too” Vs. “Two” Test?
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In the hierarchy of things that frustrate the grammar police, "to" and "too", and to a certain extent "two", are somewhere up there. The three words may sound very much alike, but their usage is entirely different, often causing confusion to some people.

Words that share a similar pronunciation are homophones. If you happen to take a look at any list of commonly confused words, you’ll notice plenty of homophones on it, including your / you're and there / they're / their. It doesn't matter whether the homophones have different meanings and uses or if they are in completely different word classes; we still mix them up.

Do you know when to use the right term? Take this quiz to make sure that you are not mixing up your tos, toos, and twos!

Can You Pass This “To” Vs. “Too” Vs. “Two” Test? Quiz Questions