Can You Score 15/15 in This Mildly Infuriating “Odd One Out” Quiz?

Which of these is not like the others?

You're here to do a different kind of spot the difference quiz, one that requires you to have some general knowledge. However, that doesn't mean you can forget about your observational skills either. Do some of the following to exercise that skill before taking on this witty test!

You have to increase your awareness. This can be as simple as stopping once in a while to notice everything around you. The more details you take note of, the more aware you become eventually. You can do this at home, in the office, or when you're out running errands. Having a good memory is also essential in this quiz, as you need to remember some facts to pick out the one that doesn't belong in the common category. You could play brain games on your phone to improve your memory, quick and easy!

All you have to prove in this quiz is if you can live up to the title - can you pick the odd one out? Test yourself in this tricky quiz!

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Can You Score 15 in This Mildly Infuriating Odd One Out Quiz? Questions

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