🌭 Your Messy Food Opinions Will Determine How High Maintenance You Are

What does your food of choice say about you?

Your Messy Food Opinions Will Reveal How High Maintenan… Quiz

There are some tricky dishes that are simply impossible to eat without creating a mess of either yourself, your clothes, or your surroundings. These foods are often flakey or crumbly, covered in powdered sugar, or smothered in sauces that get all over your face. A lot of times these messy foods also happen to be extremely delicious, even if they are a challenge to eat neatly.

Some of us don't mind losing all dignity when conquering a rack of ribs covered in barbecue sauce or scarfing down a hot dog that's drizzled with ketchup and yellow mustard. We are happy eating a chili taco or pulled pork sandwich even as the filling comes spilling out all over our hands, face and onto our laps. But there are still some of us that prefer to keep our dainty eating habits and choose to stay away from such messy foods altogether, regardless of how scrumptious they are.

Do you belong to the high maintenance or low maintenance group of people? Depending on the way you feel about certain messy foods, we will determine which type you are.

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