🍰 Your Dessert Opinions Will Reveal What % High and Low-Maintenance You Are

Does your apple pie need to be ~just right~?

Humans have always craved sweet things. Early on, it was all berries and honey, but with the introduction of refined sugar, the dessert was born. "Stressed" is literally "desserts" spelled backwards, but the name "dessert" actually comes from the French word "desservir" which means "to clear away" -- in this case, the dinner table. It makes sense that the word has its beginnings in French; after all, it is the French who are known for their wide repertoire of post-meal sweet treats that have found their way across the entire world.

Various types of desserts cater to different tastes. Some of us dig treats that are warm or chocolaty while others crave something chilled or fruity. Regardless of what your preferences are, everyone has an opinion on the best kind of dessert. What are your thoughts on the classics like apple pie and chocolate cake, to the fancier tiramisu and crème brûlée? Rate them all in this quiz, and we will determine your high and low-maintenance percentage.

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