🍰 We Know Which Cake Represents Your Personality Based on the Bakery Items You Choose

Carrot cake or hummingbird?

When you walk into a patisserie or pastry shop, what are the baked goods that entice you the most? You may be partial to certain cakes, tarts, breads, or pies. You may fancy your baked treats to be cream-filled or plain, or topped with chocolate, nuts, cheese, or berries.

Whatever it is, your choice of bakery items — like an awful lot of your life choices — probably reveals a little something about you. Whether it is the sweet pastries like doughnuts, pies, tarts, and cookies, or the savory bakery items such as pizzas, calzones, quiches, and sandwiches, the sort of baked goods you prefer can reveal not just your general likes and dislikes for certain foods, but also your overall personality as well.

In this sweet quiz, you get to choose from various assortments of bakery products, and then find out which delectable type of cake vibes best with your personality!

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