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๐Ÿฅจ Pick Some Baked Goods and We’ll Reveal a Deep Truth About You

Eat your way to the truth.
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If we were to rank the best baked treats in the world, it would evoke an endless conversation among irked fans. Why? Because we are usually very passionate about our favorite food items and believe what we like is the best of them all. This rings true especially when it comes to pastries and desserts which have multiple variations and flavors for just one item.

The aroma that fills the air when these items are baking is as enticing as the taste of the end product. Being able to customize a basic recipe to suit your preferences gives it extra brownie points. Do you like fruits or candy? Add whichever you like to a plain cookie, pie or cake and it becomes so much more enticing.

Now tell us what you like! Fill your imaginary basket with some of the most delicious baked goods. Based on what you pick, we'll tell you a deep truth about yourself.

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