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Most People Can’t Spell Half of These Words Correctly โ€” How Well Can You Do?

Conscious or concious?
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Spelling can be a challenge for many people, especially in this day and age. Weโ€™ve all gotten so used to using autocorrection tools and grammar apps that some of us may have completely forgotten how to spell certain words correctly without such help. Many people will fail this quiz completely simply because they have had no reason to keep up their studies in this area for several years. This quiz will determine if you are one of those people as well or if you have retained your ability to spell.

You donโ€™t need to be a spelling bee champion to do well on this quiz, although that wouldnโ€™t hurt. You just need to know how to spell some of the most often misspelled words in the English language. The words covered in this quiz are often spelled incorrectly but a good spelling app will correct it automatically without the person knowing. If you are frequently reliant on tools to correct your spelling for you, this quiz is a good way to test whether your spelling skills are up to par.

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Most People Can't Spell Half of Words Correctly โ€” How Wโ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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