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Live a Day in the ’90s to Find Out Where You’ll Be in 20 Years

This is literally the only way to know.
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The 1990s were one of the most fun decades of all time. Those years might not be remembered as fondly as some generations remember the sixties and seventies but the '90s really bounced back from the '80s in solid fashion. The '80s and its appreciation of new technological gadgets was a far cry from the decades which preceded it. The '90s took things back a notch, however, and brought us good music (for the most part) and interesting culture.

We will never get anything like the '90s again. They were arguably the last decade before large advances were made involving the Internet which connected people from around the world.

Amazingly, we can tell where you will be in the next 20 years based on your answers to the questions in this quiz. Pretend to go back in time to live a day in the nineties and we will tell you what your life will be like in two decades' time.

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Live Day in '90s to Know Where You'll Be in 20 Years Quiz Questions

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