😷 Can You Actually Survive the Plague?

Put your survival skills to the test.

😷 Can You Actually Survive the Plague?
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When a plague takes over the world, do you have the necessary knowledge, common sense, survival skills and capability to increase your chances of survival in such a pandemic? Had you taken this quiz before 2020, things might have been a lot different. We have all learned much lately about how to respond in times of an epidemic, plague, and virus-related situation. What we've learned has changed the game for future pandemics and also changed the game for future quizzes such as this one.

This quiz will run you through various scenarios that you might encounter during a disease outbreak. The decisions you make will help determine if you actually would survive or not. To find out just how well you would do then answer the questions as honestly as you can, and we will let you know your fate. There will be many obstacles on your path to survival here, so don't be too surprised if you don't do as well as you expect to.

😷 Can You Actually Survive the Plague? Quiz Questions