Can You Score 14/17 in This Random Knowledge Quiz?

Will you make the grade?

Random knowledge quizzes might seem easy but it actually takes quite a lot of ability and know-how to score well on a test such as this. General knowledge might seem like something that has very little practical use but it is also a sign of a highly intelligent and/or well-read individual. Sure, knowing random bits of trivia across multiple subjects might not seem like something which would come in handy in everyday life but being a generally smart person certainly does.

We're all experts on the things that we do or experience regularly but only the truly gifted are experts on multiple subjects outside of our own fields. If you can score at least 14 out of 17 on this general knowledge quiz then you will prove that you are an extremely knowledgeable person. If you think you might be smarter than most of your peers, then have a go at this general knowledge quiz and see how many questions you can answer correctly.

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Can You Score 14/17 in This Random Knowledge Quiz? Questions

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