Are You Better at Trivia Than Everyone Else?

Do you have what it takes to pass?

We're back at it with a trivia quiz that will put your general knowledge to the test. These questions will cover several different kinds of topics. Do you want to know what we'll test you on in this quiz? Here's a quick overview.

You should know some stuff about history, like the conqueror of the Inca empire and the first national park in the U.S. Your knowledge of arts and culture will be important here as well, as we will ask you about Shakespeare, famous novels, and composers too. Animal lovers would be happy to know that there are questions about different creatures, like dinosaurs and wallabies.

If you think you know your facts from such topics, then you are already ready to take on this quiz. Your aim? To prove that you are better at trivia than anyone else. How are you going to do that? Score full marks, simple as that.

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Are You Better at Trivia Than Everyone Else? Quiz Questions

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