This General Knowledge Quiz Will Separate the Smarties from the Dummies

Are you one of the smart ones?

General knowledge tests are a great way to separate the smart people from the dummies. Anybody can pretend to be a smart person by simply mastering one subject that they happen to be familiar with. It takes a truly intelligent person or even a genius, however, to master enough subjects to be able to pass general knowledge quizzes like this one. After all, being able to be an expert in multiple topics is something only those with a large amount of brain capacity can do.

We may be experts in our own experience and things that we are interested in, but only the most knowledgeable of all are experts on all sorts of subjects.

If you think you might be smarter than some of the other dummies out there then you will want to take this quiz, answer the questions contained within and will let you know if you're a smarty or a dummy.

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This General Knowledge Quiz Will Separate Smarties from Dummies Questions

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