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✏️ Only a Visual Genius Can Solve 10/15 of These Riddles

Get those peepers ready. This one's tricky.
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Visual riddles mess with your head. Not only do you have to pick up on all the clues you see, you also have to put them altogether and figure out the answer. Missing just one small but crucial detail can mean that you may never arrive at the right answer.

Picture a single tooth and a hairbrush. How would you solve this visual riddle? You may put one and one together and realize that the answer is a toothbrush. Alright, try visualizing heavy rain and a bowtie. Obviously, the answer this time is a rainbow. Visual riddles may not always be so straightforward. Here's a more complicated one. Picture a pot on the stove and a four-leaf clover. What can this represent? Well, think deeper and you'll see that a four-leaf clover signifies good luck. Hence, the answer to such a riddle is 'potluck'!

Put your eyeglasses and thinking cap on and try solving these riddles in picture form. See how great your visual and mental abilities are by typing in the correct answers.

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✏️ Only a Visual Genius Can Solve 10/15 of These Riddles Quiz Questions

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