Can You Actually Beat a 10-Year-Old on “Jeopardy!”?

"I'll take Games & Toys for $200, Alex."

Can You Beat a 10-Year-Old on Jeopardy!? Quiz

Have you ever wondered how you would fare if you were a contestant on "Jeopardy!"? The classic game show has been a reliable nightly fixture on TVs across America since the mid-1960s. Even if you aren't a fan, or have never watched it, you may have at least heard of it. The trivia quiz show presents contestants with clues in the form of answers, who must then phrase their responses in the form of questions.

There are also themed tournaments and special events, such as Teens Week and Seniors Tournament. During Kids Week, children aged 10 to 12 get the opportunity to compete against one another over a five-episode run.

How well can you hold your own against the children contestants on Jeopardy! Kids Week? There are 18 Jeopardy! questions, related to children's books, games, toys, movies and pastimes, in this quiz. You may type your answers in the form of questions, just like the game show. Can you get them all correctly? Click the "I give up" button if you don't know the answer to move on to the next question. Good luck!


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Can You Beat a 10-Year-Old on Jeopardy!? Quiz Questions