These Questions About World History Were Actually Asked on “Jeopardy!” — Can You Get 12/15?

What level of history nerd are you?

These difficult world history questions were actually asked on the TV game show Jeopardy!, and the people who go on that show aren't exactly amateurs. The ones who perform well tend to be well-educated and extensively studied on various topics including history. Even people who know a lot about world history aren't going to be able to do that well on this quiz due to the difficulty level. If, however, you happen to have a love of world history and are familiar with the format of Jeopardy!, then you might actually do quite well.

This quiz will test your knowledge of a variety of aspects of history, including wars, colonialism, capital cities, and more. Someone with merely a passing knowledge of world history is not going to do particularly well. Go ahead and give this quiz your best shot. Even if you don’t do well, you’ll learn a lot of interesting things about our world.

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These Questions About World History Were Asked on Jeopa… Quiz Questions

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