If You Can Get 100% On This Food Idioms Quiz, You’re an English Expert and a Foodie

Will this be a cakewalk?

Idioms are words or phrases that typically have a figurative, non-literal meaning. Because idioms don't always make sense literally, their usage and meaning can be tricky to grasp.

For example, to "bring home the bacon" means to earn the money that is needed for the whole family to live on. To "walk on eggshells" means to have to act very sensitively in order to avoid offending someone. Both idioms do not have literal meanings.

In this quiz we have put together a list of 20 common idioms associated with food. Each of these idioms has a word missing and your job is to figure out what that is, and type it out in the box under each question. If you get stuck at any point, click on the "I give up" button to reveal the answer and move on to the next question. And because you will have to type in your answer, spelling does matter. Ready? Let's get to it then!

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If You Can Get 100% On This Food Idioms Quiz, You're English Expert & Foodie Questions

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