Can You Actually Name These 16 Common Foods Around the World?

Think you know your food?

With the array of food cultures in the world, it's impossible to try every dish in the world. It may be easier to try just one dish that represents each cuisine the best. Let us help you pick out that magical dish for some culture!

If you want a taste of Peru, don't head for ceviche first. Try some chicharrones, which is pork shoulder prepared meticulously and served on rolls for breakfast. If you'd like something easier to make, look towards the Swiss, with their iconic fondue. Dip some bread in a pot of melted cheese, simple as that! Another cuisine that prides itself in its cheeses is the French cuisine. You could try any type of cheese with a fresh baguette and it would surely taste amazing.

Test your knowledge of food from around the world with this quiz! Can you guess the names of the following international dishes correctly?

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Can You Name These 16 Common Foods Around the World? Quiz Questions

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